Jul 28, 2015

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Useful Tips When Buying Reusable Nappies

Reusable nappies are now known widely to the market, there had been a lot of innovations and alternatives that were made by the different manufacturers and came up with products with different brands, sizes, purposes, use, compatibility and designs. So, it would be best if you will be able to determine what the exact needs of your baby are right before you buy washable and reusable nappies.

The Two Types of Reusable Nappies

Two-way or the Two-part Nappies- obviously, this product has two main parts which is the wrap and the nappy itself. The nappy part may come with many forms such as the traditional terry or either the folded or the shaped one. Then about the wrap, this has a waterproof material that may be wrapped around or possible to just pull up.

The All in One Type- This type has the combined waterproof materials in and out of the nappy yet do not mistaken this with the traditional one for they may look the same. Basically, this type may be less fiddly yet the issue is this is more prone to leakage as well as hard to wash. Another thing is being bulky of this product makes it hard for you to tumble dry.

Extra things you may need In order to make you maximize the functions of the products you may need the disposable type of nappy liners so that the dirt will be collected directly by the liner and all of it will be flushed away easily right before you have it washed.

Then the booster pads will do best when it comes to maximizing the absorbency most especially at night that the nappies are exposed longer to the baby’s pee.

You may also substitute the plastic grips instead of using the popper fastenings or the Velcro. Remember also to reserve an empty and dry bucket that has a lid for storing dirty nappies when you got no time yet to launder them. For drying, the best option for you is to have the tumble dryer.

The estimated amount of product you need to buy

There are a lot of factors that will serve as basis for you in deciding on how many products will you buy. These are:

  • system of usage
  • efficiency of your washing system
  • additional items that you can afford to buy
  • choose tumble dry

For a sure and practical start, you may have at least 10 to 20 and that would already make you save money than buying bunch of disposable ones. Then when it comes to size, wrap size will give you the flexibility for longer use without the need of regular change.

It would be always up to you how to manage and keep the reusable nappies clean. Just make sure that you just have enough products if you don’t have enough time to wash. You may stick with fewer if you have all the time for more practical use.

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