Feb 12, 2015

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Foster Parenting through Kinship Care – How to Become a Foster Carer


Love to know how to become a foster carer? Then you need to know about “Kinship care” is raising the children by other close family members like the grandparents or other relatives because the biological parents are unwilling to do their responsibility. This may also be called as Kincare or Relative Care. Extended family members are preferred to take care of the child. This may not be that good idea sometimes. Extended family members also are having their personal lives and concerns. They may sometimes find this responsibility a hindrance of their own personal duties. Knowing that they are not the biological parents, the child may tend to keep secrets and feelings, being helpless if ever they may encounter struggles, and guilty of the responsibility they are adding up to their foster parents.

Acceptance is so hard to establish for these children, they experience self-pity frequently. A guidance counselor may help but not that much because of the stained personality they have that might affect them for a lifetime. Lucky are those children who were adopted by parents who are capable of providing their needs and wants. A child must be able to get the right amount of attention for a healthier growth as a human. They have the right to study, play, eat, and enjoy their hobbies.

Probable Cause of Becoming a Kinship Child

Arsts-17Many reasons are possible that a parent is unwilling or would be unable to raise their own child. One of those is death, Illness, financial stability and abuse. Many of them were destined to child protective centers after being moved from their biological home. Another option is to seek relatives for replacement before placing a child into a center. Victims of abusive parents are not encouraged to stay near from them anymore. Rape cases dominate this kind of situation. This experience will leave a mark in a child’s life that he or she must live separately.

Are Kinship Parents Reliable Enough?

Maybe yes or maybe no, but you need to find out how to become a foster carer with http://nextstepfostering.org before you go through the process of paperwork and all because not all kinship children are blessed to have their relatives as their parents. Some may experience violence in a kinship family that might not happen on their biological homes. This may require too much attention and responsibility to make these children feel the love of parents. You also need to be prepared with different personalities because you will never know how they turn their emotions because of their history.

Children may try to adapt the traits and qualities of their foster parents, but wit hesitations and guilt. They will experience a different kind of insecurity given when their kinship parents have their own children to be prioritized. They may be supported financially but surely has lack of love and sincerity. Which later on develop into rebellion, disgrace and addiction. Children with attention deficiency disorder will come up to an idea of spending their time on what is interesting for them. They lack of guidance to remind them that what they are doing is wrong. This will make them think that there is nothing wrong in what they are actually doing. Many hopes and dreams were broken with irresponsible parenting. Children don’t deserve to be blamed by the society, rather, the government will be the one to act on it. These children surely have a special individualism and potential that deserves to be developed.

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